Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Just as Hip-Hop started from the streets, we, in the same spirit  bring you…


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Who Slid Through This week?

Keith Science stepped up and gave us 2 tracks to play.  They are both dirrrty Shout out’s to Keith Science for these tracks he produced.  Make sure you check out his site at  Be sure you follow him @keith_science on Twitter.  We were sent “Legends" by C-Red, featuring Rampage.   We also received a Krumbsnatcha track produced by Keith Science called “I Never Fail”.  Both tracks confirm, the torch of hip-hop is firmly held in these hands!

KendeR (me lol) provided a track called “The Chosen One" featuring The Theodore Unit, the lead single from “The Chosen One” Mixtape with Dj Flatline.  Be sure to follow @TrifeDiesel @1TommyWhispers.

Donny Spade threw us an Royal Flush of a track called NCSM.  This track is dripping with smooth production and a nice clean flow.  Be sure to follow him @DonnySpade

Malkoich Music is a self proclaimed Travelling Rapper (no joke! Google it and see!).  The song we play is called “Ambition" from the album Pre-Boarding, mixed by the legendary DJ Spinna! Hit this dude up @malkovichmusic

Kwame Katana wields a strong track and even stronger flow with a track called “Waiting For You”.  This Greatest Rapper Alive wants you to contact him now

Trife Diesel and Royce Da’ 59 grab the mighty sword of Hip-Hop and swing it with the might of Hercules on this KendeR of Milk Crate (me lol) produced track.  This track was produced for the album “Better Late Than Never”.

Our Man Ace of Spades, not only is a hot MC who’s been carrying Hip-Hop firmly in his hands, he’s also a firm supporter of what we do - thank you!  Be sure to pick up “We In Here" from iTunes and support that Real Hip-Hop.

The holy resurrection of Public Enemy is deep within the sole of Buxaburn with a track called “Rebel’s Delight"  Be sure to follow @BUXABURN and go to to grab that album!

STILLICON VALLEY passes up the ILL-IT CYPHER from YouTube featuring Speek Eazy, Kimbro, Young Observe & Chris
Check that Nautilus Break that is used and we dissected on a previous podcast.

Bronx stands up with the prodigal son of Peter Gunz with Corey Gunz on a track called “Come Home"  Thanks for passing that track along on Twitter.  @CoryGunz

Cash Billz brings us “Stranded" featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep.  The album isn’t available yet, but you can check out and follow @IAmCashBilz @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP 

Lew Sid tosses us “Play Out The Rain”, a track produced by Toronto’s own Rich Kidd.  Check out Lew Sid @LewSid1 

Prynce Hamilton wears the crown as the “Season Change”.  Prynce Hamilton has an album available called “Libra Season”, go check it out! @_HamiltonsMusic

We go to class with a track called “Street English" By Union Blaq, an outfit from overseas.  We found this track on Instragram, and shout outs to @unionblak

for a fresh and amazing track!

Be sure to tune in to on Saturday Nights at 10pm Toronto time to see how fresh the tracks we bring you!  Send us your hottest home made bangers!  Send links to us @1520classic or email us at  You too could be here on our podcast and live radio show!  Miss Fortune and KendeR are waiting for you!

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