Friday, 27 February 2015


Did you ever want to be a Radio Station Music Director?  No? Us either...but I bet you want to be that cool kid who rocks the crowd with your knowledge of music!  


Now you can live tweet us and request, argue, talk and interact with Miss Fortune and KendeR

Welcome to Diggin' In The Crates!
Welcome Miss Fortune on the Mic, which means the show has 50% more sass mouth!

Miss Fortune and KendeR from the 1520 Classic Radio Show are getting their fingers dusty, as, they Dig deep into the record vaults!

It's a freestyle session where we play tracks without any preparation, talk shit, and interact with you, our listeners.

If you want to participate, listen live to us every Saturday from 10pm to 2am on as we live tweet @1520Classic.  

In this episode we stack Da Brat, MC Lyte and Missy Elliott against each other.  Miss Fortune flaunts her beat making chops. KendeR shakes his fist at garbage beat makers!

Tap the bottle, twist the cap and lean back as we chop it up.  All right here in the 1520 Classic Radio Show! 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


The 1520 Classic Radio Show presents
 "It Came From The Streets : Volume 4".

"It Came From The Streets" is the only way to get the freshest, cleanest and leanest Hip-Hop tracks from around the world, delivered by live radio or on our weekly podcast!

Miss Fortune and KendeR hand pick the selections that you hear, but we can do one better - the selections we hand pick are SENT TO US BY YOU, OUR LISTENER!

This is where we go to you, our humble listener to send us tracks that you have made that you want to get some shine on live radio and forever on our Podcast!

Send tracks right to Miss Fortune or KendeR today that you feel are straight raw, boom bap that carry the torch of Hip-Hop for now and the next generation.  We personally listen to each submission, and if we like it we play it!

You can send your tracks to Our Email


In this episode, we take a trip around the globe from the UK to Canada, Germany, USA and even Spain!

What you hear is literally what is happening in the streets all across the world!

Illa Ghee blesses us with a 1520 Classic Radio produced track called "Incredible Math",  The arithmetic is correct on this equation as Illah Ghee spits hot bars over the 1520 Classic Radio produced beat, Shout outs to DJ Flatline!  You may have heard Illa Ghee on "Hold you Down" produced by Alchemist on 1st Infantry with Nina Sky, and on Mobb Deep's "Hell on Earth".

Illa Ghee also hits us up with an insane track with an equally insane title "Razor Blade Vomit".  Go grab "Social Graffiti" on iTunes now and support this MC, who, in our opinion is the epitome of true Hip-Hop!

If you like true Hip-Hop, don't sleep on this MC from Paris, France who, has a venomous flow and lays it down in French. Venom,  brings us to justice with a track called "Punisseur".

ConciousQuis  brings us the "Best of Both Worlds".  This Jersey City, New Jersey native is a Renaissance man, and brings us this song through our Twitter handle.

We love this name, and we love this track....Mr. Muthafuckin Xquire  has "Conversations With God" in this Mr. Len produced epic.

Strolling across the street from 1520 Classic Radio Headquarters, we hook up a beat and rhyme from Malvern's (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) own Abaddon and he get's sick on a track called "Swine Flu".  Abaddon is wears both the MC and Producer hats having worked with Gee Wunder, Madchild and a host of other artists.

1520 Classic Radio throws a way back track from their library of songs as Atlas Da African wears his crown proudly.  An African Prince, Atlas brings us a 1520 Classic Radio produced banger called "Quarter Past One".

Hassani Kwess & The Kings declare to us "I Can Rap On Anything", produced by Scarecrow Beats.  This collaborative project between Pittsburgh's Mr. O2tha, Nick Lewis and DC's very own Hassani Kwess blesses us with proof of microphone prowess.

Cortavious Vaughn pens a "Letter to America".  Cortavious Da'Rell is from Cleveland Mississippi, USA and started rapping at the age of 16.  Coming from poverty, racism and other of life's challenges, it's his hope to leave a legacy of hope.

King Piff opens his dictionary and provides "Definition" on a track that slid through to the 1520 Classic Radio Show on Twitter. Originally taken from a video on Vevo, this short taste of this MC's talent defines King Piff's elegant flow.

True Vintage declares every day "My Day", with a track that features Pep Love of the legendary collective "Hieroglyphics". Hailing from above the clouds in Denver Colarado, True Vintage are an outfit that brings true Hip-Hop to the core.  Find them on Kickstarter now, and fund some real deal music.

Marc Vinyls, an alumnus of "It Came From the Streets", and in fact appeared as our very first artist featured, sends us another banger on a more conscious tip.  The track is called "Winter Dayz", produced by Nick Gallow, featuring Yung $.K.R.A.P.

Juxx Diamondz is a raw Brooklyn, New York MC who has teamed up with the legendary Royal Flush from Queens, New York to bless us with a track called "Strapped Up".  Miss Fortune declared this beat to be DIRRRRRTY, mad grimey.  And she's right.  This pair have produced a video for this track as well, and can be found on YouTube.

Jumping across the globe, we land in Madrid Spain, where the streets has produced a dude by the name of Nano, who paints a Spanish picture over Inolbeats with a track called "Turbio".  The flow is smooth, the beat is sick and the video makes me long for warmer weather - this is the epitome of what "It Came From the Streets" is about.  A world ghetto, speaking only one common language - music.

Sinartistix does a "Driveby", produced by SCNTST and delivers this track in German - a first for our show and definition of what this segment is all about.  The Beat, The Flow, the feel is gritty and real.  This is What Hip-Hop is!

Lock up your kids, Stray the Rabid Dog is on the loose as "The Drifter" kills the speakers on this rich flute driven beat produced by SNUD of Glasgow, Scotland.  This Spanish/Scottish mixture is pure underground with a gritty sound causing Miss Fortune and KendeR to nod their heads like some one having a stroke - Well done! We want more from you - please send it to us

Dirty Dike on the High Focus Label from the UK gets "Agitated" and features Skuff on the track.  This one is another head nodder, from same folks that brought us "The Four Owls" on Volume 3 of "It Came From The Streets".



Monday, 23 February 2015


It's another episode of the 1520 Classic Radio Show, and Miss Fortune and KendeR celebrate the lives of those who have passed on.

Though we didn't know these artists personally, their bodies of work have left an indelible imprint on Hip-Hop Music History.

We could talk about ODB, Notorious BIG or even 2pac, but wanted to pay respect to those who have shuffled this mortal coil who may not get the moment that they deserve. 

Some are famous, some are infamous.  Some met their fate through natural causes.  Some were unfortunately murdered in their prime.

So let's not cause any Trouble T-Roy, and take it Eazy-E as we sit back and puff a Big L.

All of them have left impressive bodies of work, to which we raise our O.E., and pour some on the ground.

They may be dead and gone, but their legend lives on.

We also celebrate that Miss Fortune steps up to the mic and firmly asserts herself as the one half to the 1520 Classic Radio Show that completes the ensemble.

Be sure to tweet us @1520Classic, or  SEND US AN EMAIL!


Remember you can listen to us LIVE - Saturdays - 10pm to 2am NYC Time

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Cappuccino comes from Italy, Rolex comes from Switzerland ...but....Hip-Hop....IT CAME FROM THE STREETS!

Miss Fortune and KendeR take the tracks send to us on our Twitter (@1520Classic) and and play them live on air then on our social feeds including our Podcast!

Do you have the chops? Send us your Hottest Underground Boom-Bap Hip-Hop Track! If it’s hot - we play it live on air, then, it get’s put up on iTunes onto our Podcast!

Feature yourself and your crew on live radio and then on our podcast!


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Paul Beezy aka Bones McLoud (@deepnorthblog) slides through with a 1520 Classic Radio produced track called "We On The Rise".

The Four Owls swoop in with a DJ Premier fueled joint, and will make you "Think Twice". Miss Fortune sent KendeR a "turd" emoji, denoting she thought this track was this shit. She's right!! Check out their back catalog, it's Bonkers! Watch them fly on Twitter : @TheFourOwlsUK,

BigLo brings us "Judas" and tells us that peace is for Buddhists. This video is amazing too, and really deserves to be on "It Came From the Streets".

Coming all the way from Liverpool, England (but not from the Cavern Club) Royzy puts on his track "Tom Ford Cologne" . This track came to us in a care package from the man himself, and Royzy has a bright future holding the Hip-Hop torch firmly in his hands!

Don't get twisted, Nitty Scott MC draws us a freestyle called "Bath Salts Freestyle" and proves why her skills brought her to the BET awards!

Hip-Hop isn't dead. Buxaburn makes a "Skeleton Walk" by resurrecting the 4 elements with phat lace Adidas. The track's concept is truly original, and proves what NaS declares "dead wrong".

Cpistola found us on Twitter and thogh our exchange of broken English was comical, there's nothing funny about this Chilean MC's track "versos a quema ropa feat delirioh"

We continue our world tour and head over to Spain to see if "Words Are Like Knives" by Shaun Alejuandro.

Heading to Uganda, we meet up with Royalty, Atlas Da African and a MilkCrate (1520 Classic Radio) we hear "Never Fake Moves"

Es from Toronto Canada brings us some very inspirational words, and shares his outlook on life, as a father and a career man. "Aspire to Inspire" is just as uplifting as the title, and, stands out from alot of the cacophony on the radio you hear nowadays. Thank you for blessing us and stay following your dreams!

AzadRight, Cappadonna, Chase and Cashe bring us a HipHop DX Cypher all about the love, struggle and exhilaration of chasing your dreams in music. We love this because of the message, just as ES provided above.

British Columbia Canada native Moka Only brings a collaboration with De La Soul's Trugoy (Plug 2) and asks us to do the "Mr. MegaHustle"

ChrisJay gets us lifted with a Cream of Beats produced track with "High", which is an absolute work of love, and an absolute joy to listen to. The plunky guitar mixed with ChrisJay's vocals are nothing more than magical. Go to Bandcamp NOW and download it!

Calgary Alberta Canada's own prodigal son, Half Cut is "On the Come Up" and brings us true boom bap.

Keith Science troops through again and Drops Science on a track he produced featuring Punchline and Prince Ali. The track is called "Derailed Thoughts". Be sure to check it out!

Be sure to tune in to on Saturday Nights at 10pm Toronto time to see how fresh the tracks we bring you! Send us your hottest home made bangers! Send links to us @1520classic or email us at You too could be here on our podcast and live radio show! Miss Fortune and KendeR are waiting for you!


In this episode, Miss Fortune and KendeR bring you the biggest ensemble cast of artists since “We Are The World”.  We explore the art of the “Posse Cut”.
The Posse Cut spans all points of the Hip-Hop spectrum, with messages of raw lyricism, story telling and terrible terrible math skills (Ahem - Foxy Brown) as you will find out in this podcast.
1520 Classic Radio went combing through the catacombs of the record library to bring you the most posse-est cuts, and we may need to do a part 2, since there are several that we could discuss.
Though if you have only “24 Hours to Live”, please enjoy our “Symphony" and take "Affirmative Action" to marvel at this "Triumph" we call, The Posse Cut.
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…It’s all right here, 1520 Classic Radio

Monday, 16 February 2015

[New Music Review] #AMNGLOBAL viewed Santa Ana, California Hip-Hop artist () music submission. Buxaburn the West Coast Veteran MC, is back with his second single from the highly acclaimed LP “The Distance” entitled: “Rebels Delight”. Here you find Buxaburn paying homage to the supergroup “Public Enemy”, and expressing his views on the current status of society.   This is all done over intense production from Bo’kem Allah’s gritty remake version of the 1987 smash hit, “Public Enemy No. 1”.  Rebel’s Delight directed by Bo’kem Allah is a crucial video, featuring lyrics and footage relevant to the times we live in, where Buxaburn takes a stance in the freedom fight for justice and equality, in respect to the movements: #ICANTBREATHE and #BLACKLIVESMATTER.


Link to video: Buxaburn “Rebel’s Delight”

Link to Full LP: Buxaburn “The Distance” @ Bandcamp:

Link to Full LP: Buxaburn ”The Distance” @ Soundcloud:

Link to Buxaburn ”The Distance” @ ITunes:

Link to Buxaburn interview:

Facebook Artist Page:

Twitter: @Buxaburn



Sunday, 15 February 2015

Be on Our Podcast and Radio Show!

Do you want to be featured on 1520 Classic Radio? Let us showcase your tracks on our live show, podcast and blog.

Weekly, we play your songs that you send to us in the segment we call “It Came From The Streets”. We take all real hip-hop songs from all accross the globe and play them. We want you to show us what you got. Maybe you can be on our next podcast/broadcast/blog post.

Please follow us on Twitter @1520Classic or send us your tracks by email

We want to hear you. Miss Fortune and KendeR are waiting for your tracks!

Gang, you can’t sleep on this. HIP HOP Is not dead. Buxaburn resurrects the dead and makes a Skeleton Walk. As you heard on 1520 Classic Radio live, this will forever live not only on our podcast but also as a downloadable.

Enjoy, some real rugged and raw Hip-Hop, all the way from Santa Ana, California.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Just as Hip-Hop started from the streets, we, in the same spirit  bring you…


Miss Fortune and KendeR take the tracks send to us on our Twitter (@1520Classic) and and play them live on air then on our social feeds including our Podcast!

Do you have the chops? Send us your Hottest Underground Boom-Bap Hip-Hop Track!  If it’s hot - we play it live on air, then, it get’s put up on iTunes onto our Podcast!

Feature yourself and your crew on live radio and then on our podcast!


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Who Slid Through This week?

Keith Science stepped up and gave us 2 tracks to play.  They are both dirrrty Shout out’s to Keith Science for these tracks he produced.  Make sure you check out his site at  Be sure you follow him @keith_science on Twitter.  We were sent “Legends" by C-Red, featuring Rampage.   We also received a Krumbsnatcha track produced by Keith Science called “I Never Fail”.  Both tracks confirm, the torch of hip-hop is firmly held in these hands!

KendeR (me lol) provided a track called “The Chosen One" featuring The Theodore Unit, the lead single from “The Chosen One” Mixtape with Dj Flatline.  Be sure to follow @TrifeDiesel @1TommyWhispers.

Donny Spade threw us an Royal Flush of a track called NCSM.  This track is dripping with smooth production and a nice clean flow.  Be sure to follow him @DonnySpade

Malkoich Music is a self proclaimed Travelling Rapper (no joke! Google it and see!).  The song we play is called “Ambition" from the album Pre-Boarding, mixed by the legendary DJ Spinna! Hit this dude up @malkovichmusic

Kwame Katana wields a strong track and even stronger flow with a track called “Waiting For You”.  This Greatest Rapper Alive wants you to contact him now

Trife Diesel and Royce Da’ 59 grab the mighty sword of Hip-Hop and swing it with the might of Hercules on this KendeR of Milk Crate (me lol) produced track.  This track was produced for the album “Better Late Than Never”.

Our Man Ace of Spades, not only is a hot MC who’s been carrying Hip-Hop firmly in his hands, he’s also a firm supporter of what we do - thank you!  Be sure to pick up “We In Here" from iTunes and support that Real Hip-Hop.

The holy resurrection of Public Enemy is deep within the sole of Buxaburn with a track called “Rebel’s Delight"  Be sure to follow @BUXABURN and go to to grab that album!

STILLICON VALLEY passes up the ILL-IT CYPHER from YouTube featuring Speek Eazy, Kimbro, Young Observe & Chris
Check that Nautilus Break that is used and we dissected on a previous podcast.

Bronx stands up with the prodigal son of Peter Gunz with Corey Gunz on a track called “Come Home"  Thanks for passing that track along on Twitter.  @CoryGunz

Cash Billz brings us “Stranded" featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep.  The album isn’t available yet, but you can check out and follow @IAmCashBilz @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP 

Lew Sid tosses us “Play Out The Rain”, a track produced by Toronto’s own Rich Kidd.  Check out Lew Sid @LewSid1 

Prynce Hamilton wears the crown as the “Season Change”.  Prynce Hamilton has an album available called “Libra Season”, go check it out! @_HamiltonsMusic

We go to class with a track called “Street English" By Union Blaq, an outfit from overseas.  We found this track on Instragram, and shout outs to @unionblak

for a fresh and amazing track!

Be sure to tune in to on Saturday Nights at 10pm Toronto time to see how fresh the tracks we bring you!  Send us your hottest home made bangers!  Send links to us @1520classic or email us at  You too could be here on our podcast and live radio show!  Miss Fortune and KendeR are waiting for you!

Monday, 9 February 2015


In this episode KendeR and Miss Fortune share artists that came into the room, dropped a hot single, threw up the “peace sign" and left the building  and left us saying "I Wish" we had more.  We check in with Positive K, Father MC, an unknown Mary J Blige, and so many others as we give you “De Ja Vu" with that Flava in Ya Ear" from "Back in the Day”.

We also deconstruct the beat and show you where these samples come from and how the beat came together - now you can say “That’s Edutainment!”. 

So sit down, put on your Cross Color jeans, toss on your phat lace Puma’s and pull that Kangol hat down over your eyes and just remember these tracks that we didn’t’ forget.

…It’s all right here, 1520 Classic Radio hosted by The KendeR & Produced by Miss Fortune! 

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Today, We bring you our findings from the Twitter-verse, the Soundcloud-verse, the YouTube-verse, and all the other uni-verses out there, to bring you some banging and unbelievable verses you’ve never heard before!


This is where We go to you, our followers, and ask that you send us your tracks that you made! If its dope, we play it!  Send me your hottest BOOM-BAP Hip-Hop tracks that you made to

Feature yourself and your crew on live radio and then on our podcast!


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So who do we have this week?

Well, Marc Vinyls blessed us with 2 tracks, which are straight real deal hip-hop. Make Sure you check out and keep that movement going!  Good looking out!!

Roque & Stereo blessed up Twitter with “Mi Fuana”, a Spanish track that has such a tight beat and dope sounding flow!

Configa and Hastyle are an Emcee and Producer team, who came through with a track called “Razor Bumps”, the remix featuring Rashan.

Rowdy City passed us a track called “Wild N’ For Repsect

Tommy Crown gave us “The Business" from his album "A Good First Impression

Juan Pedro MC presented us with “De Luces”, an amazing beat and MC from Spain

Venom, a French artist from Paris slid through with “Vigilantes”, produced by the one and only DJ Premier, feauturing Blaq Poet.  Such a crazy track…it’s like the Tasmanian devil done spat on a track!!

Tramonious Steele hands over a freestyle called “Used To

John Dubb impresses with a Kool G. Rap featured song called “Ladder

Weekly, we will be collecting tracks - please send to, maybe you can be on our podcast and our live radio show!

Monday, 2 February 2015


In trying to do some gene splicing, we went to the lab and dug into the DNA of a song to unravel it’s genome.  Well, wouldn’t you know, we stumbled upon “Hard Times” by Baby Huey and the Babysitters. This song has spawned several songs from Ghostface Killah, The Game, Lil Wayne and…A Tribe Called Quest and Biz Markie.

Just because you’ve fallen on Hard Times doesn’t mean you can’t “Kick It”, or that you can’t afford “Old Spice”.  

Listen now, and you’ll understand the references above, …It’s all right here, 1520 Classic Radio hosted by The KendeR, produced by Miss Fortune


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Pete Rock Vs. DJ Premier - Please guys, I hate fighting over you! It rips me apart inside! 

REEEEMIX!!!!  DJ’s yell it, you see that word on singles and you also hear it everywhere…well, lets break it down today, the Art of the Remix.  We take a spin on the original track as it was released on album or as a single, and how it was revisited by another producer or a new way to hear it.  We also listen to the breaks and beats that were used to make up these remixes too!  Average White Band, Stevie Wonder, Minnie Ripperton and more!  Ch-ch-check us out as we dig in….It’s all right here, 1520 Classic Radio hosted by The KendeR, produced by Miss Fortune


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