Friday, 22 May 2015


Today, ThaGodFahim stopped by (on the telephone) to talk about his new album "Shadows of Nazereth", available now on SoundCloud.

ThaGodFahim and KendeR go track for track dissecting and discussing the amazing philosophies and teachings (and Dope Tracks) that ThaGodFahim has put into this album.

His production and flow are likened to a master swordsman, cutting his opponents with machete rhymes and destructive beats.

This martial artist attacks the microphone.

Learn the lingo of HellFace and Crocodile Smiles, sit back and get intune to the latest offering this Chicago/Atlanta has to offer.

Grab the album here:



Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Today on 1520 Classic Radio, we bring you the legendary RAMPAGE, with his new mixtape "Remington Steele", produced by Felony Muzik.


Hip Hop Recording Artist, RAMPAGE has been highly respected in the hip hop/rap arena for over two decades. He exploded onto the hip hop breeding ground of Brooklyn, NY in 1994. He partnered with his first cousin, hip hop legend Busta Rhymes to form one of the most successful hip hop/rap entities to enter the music game, “The Flipmode Squad”. RAMPAGE, went by the moniker “The 1st Lieutenant” aka “The Last Boyscout” of the Flipmode Squad. The group consisted of a collective of rappers which included Rah Digga, Spliff Star and Baby Sham with each of the aforementioned making a cameo on Busta Rhymes first solo offering titled “The Coming”. 

With the success of “The Coming”, Rampage aka 1st Lieutenant was offered his own solo deal which resulted in a RIAA “Gold” certified album titled “Scouts Honor, By Way Of Blood” from two hit singles “Wild for the Night and “Take it to the Streets”.  Since his meteoric rise with Flipmode Squad and his own solo endeavors, Rampage has been instrumental in penning numerous chart topping hits which garnered Grammy and MTV award recognition including “Woo-Hah”, “Wild For The Night”, “Flava In Your Ear Remix” and “I Know What You Want”. 

Rampage has worked with some of the most prolific and profound hip hop and R&B talent on the planet over the years including Alicia Keys, LL Cool J, and Notorious B.I.G. to name a few. As CEO of Deep Freeze Entertainment, RAMPAGE is definitely making power moves in the realm of entertainment. The Legendary Rapper/Music Executive is on a mission to bring true hip hop back to the forefront. The current release of RAMPAGE's highly anticipated mixtape “Remington Steele,” produced by multi-platinum producer, Felony Muzik, proves that classic, timeless music can still hold it’s relevance in today’s hip hop industry. 

Let's check in with Rampage, listen to his past tracks and go Song for Song on "Remington Steele".

Big Shout out's to Rampage for sending this through!

Monday, 4 May 2015


Better than Soundcloud, more engaging than YouTube, it's 
"It Came From the Streets".

This where we take your tracks, we listen to them and if they are swinging, they get played on LIVE RADIO and carry on forever into the ether on PODCAST and even on our RADIO STATION as regular play.  

That means you can be at home, at work, in your car, out gallivanting on the town and somewhere out there, your songs are being played for the whole world to hear on several formats!

And did we mention....that it's FREE!?!?

We listen to everything you send us and if it's dope, it's played - as simple as that.  

Send us your best, freshest and dopest Hip-Hop tracks to,

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What a fantastic show we have this week for you.

We set things off with the incomparable DJ Flatline, who, is a world class Hip-Hop DJ from Toronto, Ontario Canada and a family member to 1520 Classic Radio.  He gets down on the turntables and gives us a mini-mix of crazy tracks and shows off his skills of cutting, mixing and scratching.  

In this mix he spins:
1. Wyld Bunch (ft Skanks) - Take It Personal (prod by Dj Qvali)
2. Pawz One - My Night
3. El Da Sensei - Try Again
4. Flatbush Zombies (ft Domo Genesis) - Plz Don't Make Me Do It

Next, from Sioux City Iowa, thier finest "Ben iLLa" brings you his freshman Album "Soldier Of The Universe" Go download it NOW!  Featuring production by Atlanta beatsmith "E. Smitty" & the likes of Sadat X (Brand Nubian).  This is a Positive Conscious Hip Hop album.  If you love DJ Premiere, J. Dilla then you will love this album.

Moving on to New York City, we get some brand new exclusive bars from Profit (Bangout Records) and Shawn Kitt aka Money Slash over the classic instrumental "Pre Game" from Sauce Money and Jay-Z.  Look out for upcoming projects from both artists in the very near future. This is warning shot to all competition, more classics to come.

All the way from France, DJ Modesty drops some precious metal on us with the track "Fools Gold", featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq.

New York City may be on the brink of a hot summer as Spring kicks in and the ice slowly starts to thaw. Mpire Releases"Lionshead" which is found on their new album $ON$ 0F VNVRCHY out now.

We now go to Johannesburg, South Africa to hear Lunga Sithole aka Rytious.  Raised in Umlazi N-section in Durban Kwa Zulu Natal, he was given the name “Rytious” by his dentist who looked up the meaning of his name "Lunga" which means Righteousness

This was sent directly to our email,
The track is Rytious ft Kage, and is called "Till Death".

New York's own Dro Pesci, no stranger to our show has submitted a few tracks, one of which is "Let the Weed Burn" with Infamous Haze, Featuring Domonic.  From what we gather is about lawn care?  Juuuust kidding....Light em' if ya got em'!

Mpire comes back with another dosage of the track "Smack" with a remix on the Scram Jones produced beat with Murda Mook and AG Da Coroner.  With the same energy, pulsating beat and new MC's on the track, this has prolonged life and still bangs hard in the whip!

Miami Florida's very own Lex One comes in with a A dope re-edit of Commons classic "I Used To Love H.E.R".  The new re-work of this timeless classic is called "She Used to Love Me" Featuring Lucian White.

Upcoming NYC artist Taj Mahal gives us the 411 on a powerhouse track called "211" featuring Rrose Rrome & A-Mafia. This is going to appear on the upcoming mixtape "Power"

Ben iLLa blesses us with another track from the free downloadable "Soldier of the Universe" with a song called "Universe Heart Beat".  Keeping the track pulse flowing is of course production by Atlanta's own E. Smitty

Nomis from Ipswitch, UK provides us with "Raised Up"
Nomis has already released plenty of new music and and is currently working on his new project entitled"Diamonds EP". The release date is yet to be announced.

Dro Pesci always delivers a banging track and fresh lyrics.  This time it's a new single from "Groundhog Day" called "Time to Win", produced by Sensei Walingh from Germany.

Stef Owens from Champ City, Ohio brings us a track called "Whats Up (Dollar Bill)"  Little is known about Stef Owens, and given "Champ City" sounds like a Super Hero city name, there is a great chance that Stef is incognito by design.

Spit Gemz from Queens New York gives us "Legacy" feat. Kool G Rap (prod by Jordy Simons).  This song is just astounding in it's composition, sound, and delivery.  Kool G Rap and Spit Gemz create a very formidable duo.  Don't sleep on this one!

If New York sound Hip-Hop has a savior, the name would be Frank Castle, with a song called "Daily Word" Feat. Kool G Rap (Prod. By Soe95).  Born and raised in New York City’s very own Chelsea Elliot projects in the westside downtown section of Manhattan,comes an underground artist with incredible lyrical wordplay,and story telling ablilty his name is “Frank Castle”
Castle hopes to fufill his dream as a MC and as a hip hop artist and give him and H.O.O.D.Billionaires (H.O.O.D. Brothers) the exposure they deserve, and bring that “New York sound” back to hip-hop.

With another E.Smitty produced opus, we have Struggle the Blind Chemist and a track called "Rugged Times".  From North Carolina, Struggle doesn't break a sweat on the pounding drums and soundscape created by the Atlanta beatsmith.  We can't wait to hear more!

Dj Flatline closes up the show with a sick a** mix, again, reinforcing why he is the "Chosen One".  As we enter into DJ Flatline's operating room, we are blessed with choice cuts and all the expertise that a Hip-Hop DJ must possess.  Prepare to be amazed! 

Here are the tracks DJ Flatline spins:
1. Yelawolf - Sky Is The Limit
2. Schoolboy Q - Break The Bank (prod by The Alchemist)
3. AG - Boss of Bosses (Dj Flatline Blend)
4. Large Pro (ft Fortune) - Own World

That's it folks, please remember, send us your tracks and maybe you, YES YOU can be heard across the world!